Download the sample files and extensions for Beyond Dreamweaver here, in either .zip or .sit format.

The compressed file contains the following:

Add Content.mxp
Example Dreamweaver extension for inserting content managment system tags and attributes
File type definition for SMIL pages
Default file for SMIL pages
Custom Dreamweaver extension to convert HTML <div> tags to SMIL regions
Editable Regions Sample
XML sample output of Dreamweaver standard template
Export XML
Custom Dreamweaver extension to export XML files, site-wide.
Import XML
Custom Dreamweaver extension to generate template-based documents by importing XML files site-wide.
Custom Dreamweaver extension to create static HTML pages from a data source.
Add To Repeating Region.mxp
Custom Dreamweaver extension to add multiple increments to repeating regions.
JavaScript Navigation Functions
JavaScript file to create sequential navigation.
Dynamic Navigation Functions
ASP file to create sequential navigation.
Thumbnail Builder.mxp
Custom Dreamweaver extension to make a thumbnail from a selected image using Fireworks.
Example Flash source demonstrating LoadVars technique.
Example ASP page used in LoadVars technique.
ColdFusion Component used in Flash Remoting.
Sample Flash source to demonstrate Flash Remoting
JavaScript file to build Dreamweaver inclusion list class.
C++ source to create DLL for programatically using clipboard.